COVID-19: What to Do About Masks and Proper Use of Gloves

Written by Sophia Chang, DACM, LAc

Posted on: April 15, 2020

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COVID-19: What to Do About Masks and Proper Use of Gloves, image of a woman in a mask

What to Do About Masks

I have been getting several inquiries regarding where to find masks and how to obtain one. Although I wish I could supply all of my dear patients with masks, it has been hard to find them myself. Thankfully, one of our fellow community members, Rosemary, has graciously shared her research on how to sew masks. Thank you, Rosemary!


Rosemary has made these masks herself and they are big so can be worn over an existing mask if needed and they curve for a better fit. Click here to see this link.

Craft Passion:

Several of Rosemary’s friends have made these and say they like the fit, it has various sizes and one friend made an even bigatdger size for her husband by enlarging the pattern with her printer. Click here for this method.

Kaiser Permanente:

This is the pattern endorsed by Kaiser for donations. Easy to make because it’s a rectangular shape, some friends have been batch-sewing these to donate to nurses. There are also links on how to wash your hands and other information. Click here to make them yourself or to donate to nurses.

Hopefully these links are helpful. Remember to wash your masks after use. If any of you have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and are uploading homemade masks, be sure to follow and tag us so that we can see what our community is doing!


What About Proper Glove Use?

Have you noticed that a lot of people and workers are wearing gloves? This is a great first step. However, what concerns me is the cross-contamination that is occuring with a lot of glove wearers. This video, courtesy of UCLA, is a helpful one to watch and explains what we can do to stay safe.

Personally, I wear one glove on my right hand and I keep my left hand ungloved but in my pocket. This is so that if I have to do things that I want to protect, such as use my phone, pick up things that I will eventually bring into my home or use my credit card at the checkout line, I have a free hand. I’ve found this gives me the most freedom to have one hand gloved and one hand free so that I don’t have to constantly change my gloves in between touching a surface and my personal items.

Watch this video to help understand how to prevent cross contamination:

If you are wearing one glove, use the method as seen in the fold and tuck to safely remove the glove.

Remember though, the important thing to do is to always make sure you NEVER get into your car with the gloves on because then you’ll be driving the germs home. This is called cross contamination, as explained in the video. Also, ALWAYS wash your hands after taking off your gloves. Proper hand washing is still the best way to prevent the spread.

Take care everyone. Remember, we are open and ready to serve you and your loved ones during this time. Always feel free to email us or call 619-220-0878 if you have any questions or concerns.

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